Republicans Choose Three to Replace Kissack

Members of the Campbell County Republican Party begin to gather in the City Council Chambers to choose Kissack's replacement

Members of the Campbell County Republican Party gather in the City Council Chambers before choosing three candidates to send on to the county commissioners to fill vacant seat.

The City Council Chambers were full to overflowing last night as members of the Campbell County Republican Party and the 19 registered Republicans who applied to fill the vacant seat on the Board of County Commissioners prepared for the process of choosing representatives of the party.

After each of the 19 candidates had answered the same three questions, which had previously been chosen by the central committee, the first vote was cast at 9 p.m. to narrow the field to six finalists.

Following a final round of questions, the final three candidates were Elgin Faber, Troy McKeown, and Jeff Raney.

According to Wyoming law, the central committee of the party represented by the vacant seat, select three qualified applicants to send to the Board of Commissioners.  Once the short list is received, the commissioners have twenty days to appoint one of the three to fill the vacancy.

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The vacancy was created when Clark Kissack unexpectedly resigned from the commission, with little explanation, a week before the General Election. He was first elected as a commissioner in 2016.

There were 74 precinct people and their proxies who participated in the lengthy process.

The Campbell County Board of Commissioners could choose their next member as earlier as Tuesday, Nov. 20, during their regularly scheduled meeting.

Click here to read a transcript of last night’s Q&A with the three final candidates.