[Podcast 1.4] Leigh Lassle and the Power of Goal Setting

Leigh Lassle has a lot of projects. He’s climbing Devils Tower at least once a month for 100 consecutive months. This January will be number 100. He has a Harley in his garage he built from scratch. He has a dirt bike he takes out for endurance riding. He’s working on a network marketing business selling health supplements. And he teaches martial arts classes to kids and adults in his home dojo. And that’s in addition to his full-time job with Campbell County. What sounds like another testosterone-fueled Alpha male constantly trying to outperform others, Lassle interest in achievement is more about personal achievement and the thrill overcoming obstacles to realize his own potential. He then spends a lot of time trying to show others how to overcome their own limits. I met Lassle while trying to do a story on his 100 Devils Tower climbs, and he talked me into climbing the tower myself. And I succeeded, having never done any real rock climbing in my life. And realizing that potential became a tool I can carry with me in everything I do from here on out. Lassle sat down with me to talk about goal setting, rock climbing, endurance racing, and how he overcame dyslexia to achieve the goal of getting his diploma.

On May 3, Leigh Lassle fills the drag pack, which is literally drug up the side of the mountain as he climbs.
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