Next Gen Partnership for Northeast Wyoming

(Gillette, Wyo.) All across Wyoming, industries are coming together in unique public – private partnerships. It’s unique because each region chose one particular industry or field to focus on and the driving force for any action will come from the private sector, rather than the public sector Laramie County is going to focus on contractors and tradesman. The Goshen, Niobrara, and Platte county partnership will focus on the health care industry.

In northeastern Wyoming, Campbell, Crook, and Weston counties are focusing on the finance and insurance industry. Industry leaders in the northeast Wyoming Next Gen Partnership first met last week in Gillette and Upton to determine the top three priorities according to a release from the Wyoming Business Council:

  1. Local Talent Pipeline: This priority focuses on the need for filling the local talent pipeline for the finance and insurance industry, from attracting local youth to preparing more mid-tier professionals. The goal is to produce a deeper, qualified local talent pool for the industry, including helping more of our local graduates to stay local or return to the region.
  2. Community Education: This priority focuses on the need to educate current and future customers on the importance and benefits of the industry’s products and services.  Community (i.e., customer) education would improve financial literacy and knowledge among local youth, adult residents, plus public and private sector leaders, resulting in both more financially sound decision-making and use of local finance and insurance services.
  3. Promote and Build Regional Assets: This priority is focused on both promoting and building the region’s assets to attract and retain talented people (including past residents who might return) and develop companies in diverse industries.

Mary Melaragno said these partnerships fit right into her role of business retention with Energy Capital Economic Development. The goal is to bring those industry leaders together as a network of people with the tools to accomplish the goals set for their particular industry.

At this first meeting, the public sector was just there to listen to the ideas of those industry leaders.  The next meeting, a conference call, is scheduled for October.

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