State Senate Candidate Responses: Do You Have Time To Be a Legislator?

(Gillette, Wyo.) Senate districts 1 and 23 in Campbell County have contested races this year.

As part of our goal here at County 17 of informing voters for the upcoming primaries, we are sending out unique questions for each candidate in those races to let you better know your candidates.

The primaries are Aug. 21.

Previous responses:

Why Should People Elect You to Represent Them in the Wyoming Legislature?

Being in the legislature and serving upon committees, and especially in leadership, takes a lot of time. How do you plan to balance the time requirements with your own career or life? (limit 200 words)

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Ogden Driskill (District 01)

In order to make it to leadership, I had to demonstrate that I am able to make the legislature a priority.  I currently serve on the Appropriations Committee, Select Water Committee (vice chair), Select Schools Committee, Blockchain Task Force (co chair) and am co-chairman of the Gambling subcommittee of Appropriations.   I have currently transferred most ranch management decisions to my son Lincoln and our other businesses are substantially run by my wife Rosanne and my children.  I have given my legislative duties and constituent services a priority in my life and time.  I currently spend around 200 days a year doing some kind of legislative function.  This will continue into my next term.

Judy McCullough (District 01)

At this time of my life, I have more time to serve in the legislature.  I am still running the ranch, but my daughter and her husband now live and work on the ranch.  They might do better at taking it over if I am not around so much!   The Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming has great leadership and I have stepped back from it.  I am good at prioritizing so I think this is a great time to be a Senator.

Lenard D. Seely (District 01)

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Candidate did not respond to questionnaire.

Jeff Raney (District 23)

(No photo provided.)

Candidate did not respond to this question.
Jeff Wasserburger (District 23)

One of the things that people don’t realize is how busy State Senators really are.  Since there are only 30 Senators, we are assigned to two committees and whatever special committees that we might be appointed to.  The work load of the Senate is much heavier and requires more time than when I served in the House of Representatives.  I am twice as busy in the Senate than I was in the House.  I have travelled over 100,000 miles in my car and most of those miles are in Wyoming.  So, this question is a good one.  I plan on balancing the work load by working harder to keep my office open and to continue to work on the road.  I travel with my laptop and then I schedule meetings for when I get back to my office if I am at a legislative meeting.  This keeps me very busy and when I get back to Gillette I have a lot of work to catch up on.  Eventually, I will get used to the work load.

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