County Commissioner Candidate Responses: Do You Have Time?

(Gillette, Wyo.) A lot of people have stepped up to run for public office in Campbell County, including 11 candidates for county commissioner. The list of commissioner candidates includes three incumbents.

As part of our goal here at County 17 of informing voters for the upcoming primaries, we are sending out unique questions for each race to let voters get a better understanding of who the candidates are.

Each day this week, we’ll be sending out responses from commissioner candidates for one question. (Previous responses can be found here and here).

The primaries are Aug. 21.

Being a county commissioner in Campbell County takes a lot of time. How do you plan to balance the time requirements with your own career or life? (limit 100 words)

Matt Avery

My wife and I run a cow calf operation with our daughter and son-in-law so it was pretty easy turning the operation over to them and I fit in when I am home. This being said, I feel that I have ample and energy time to devote to being an active county commissioner at the county, state and national level.

Rusty Bell

As a current County Commissioner, I am very aware of the time commitment. I will continue to put in countless hours as a County Commissioner. I am proud to have been able to serve the people of Campbell County for the last 3 ½ years, and I would be honored to serve for another 4 year term. I am a person that is very loyal to people and the job. I will continue to put in the time to represent Campbell County at the local, state and federal level.

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Linda Bricker

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I am a retired rancher and as I said last night at the forum I have a husband who supports me 100%. I have always balanced my time as a young single mom and then as a woman who’s been married for 31 years to a rancher. There is always much to do on a ranch and I don’t think I have to explain what it takes to raise three amazing boys to manhood. They all serve in their communities in different capacities. Truly, they are my greatest accomplishment!

Randy Greer

Time management it truly a very important key. Being elected County Commissioner is a huge responsibility and that responsibility is to solely be present and serve the people!

Roy Lowell

I am retired. After 32 years in industry and 19 years in business and college education the job requirements were always extensive. 12 hr. days were frequent. I have no misconceptions about the job requirements. At 69 years of age and recently retired I find that I still have the enthusiasm and the spirit. I believe that my experience will be a welcomed voice on the commission.

Bob Maul

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I have been asked for many years to run for County Commissioner, my answer would always be, that when my life slowed down to a point that I could give the job 100 percent that I would consider running at that time. I believe that I have reached that time. I am on the board of supervisors of various districts or agencies that I will resign from when elected to the board of County Commissioners. Some of these might be considered a conflict of interest. I am willing to make that change.

Troy McKeown

I have designed and built my businesses on a model where no one person is critical to the organization and that includes me. It will require careful planning and time management. The businesses are family operated, that allows a lot of flexibility in my own schedule. I also am a firm believer in training employees to work one position up and two down. I will bring the same skill set to the position and ensure time is used efficiently.

DG Reardon

I currently work for a Company that supports participation in local government and boards. My managers have approved the time I need to fulfill the responsibilities of a County Commissioner. I realize this position requires attendance at the regularly scheduled meetings as well as attending board meetings, planning meetings, and other public functions to represent Campbell County. I work out of my home office, so I have the flexibility to set my own schedule and my own hours. I do not have employees reporting directly to me so I can commit the time necessary to perform the County Commissioner job at a high level.

Brian Rozier
This candidate did not provide responses.

Micky Shober

Since becoming a commissioner, I have seen the time needed to be successful double.

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I schedule my time, my vacation and family time around the required schedules of being a commissioner. Commissioners meet at various times of the day and evening to accommodate all the different schedules of residents, business owners and government officials.

You have to be available to be a commissioner.

Robert J. Kothe (Democrat)
This candidate did not provide responses.

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