2018 Avenues of Art

(Gillette, Wyo.) The sculptures for the 2018 Mayor’s Art Council Avenues of Art were unveiled last Friday at a reception at the Gillette College Tech center. Since that time, the City of Gillette Streets Department has installed all eight statues at locations around town.

The last piece of art, Evolution by Debra Zelenak, was placed Thursday morning at the intersection of 4J and Boxelder Roads.

The Mayor’s Art Council (MAC) was created by resolution in 2003 and the first Avenues of Art sculptures were purchased in 2004. Since then, 110 sculptures have been purchased by the MAC, local businesses, and generous donors. The 2018 sculptures are for sale to the public and a percentage of the sales help continue the Avenues of Art project.

According to Jennifer Toscano, the city of Gillette liaison to the Mayor’s Art Council, two of the pieces of art from 2017 have been purchased and will be displayed permanently. This first, “A Letter From Grandma” by Marianne Caroselli, was purchased by the Mayor’s Art Council and will be displayed in front of the Gillette Post Office.

The second piece, “Beside Still Water” by Mike Dwyer, was purchased by a private citizen for his wife. The couple often walk at Dalby Park, where the heron is displayed, so they decided to donate it back to the city so others could enjoy it as well.

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Open Heart is now located on 4J Road between the library and Public Health.

2018 additions to the Avenues of Art and their locations:

  1. Evolution by Debra Zelenak displayed at 4J and Boxelder Road
  2. Heavy Metal by John Guernsey displayed at Sinclair Avenue in front of Gillette College
  3. Open Heart by Matthew Duffy displayed at Campbell County Public Library
  4. Scream of the Butterfly by John Guernsey displayed at 4J and Walnut
  5. Drummer with 1 Epaulette by Ted Tangen displayed on Second Street in front of Thunder Basin Ford
  6. Splash Down by Mike Dwyer displayed on Highway 59 in front of Pizza Carrello
  7. Twisted Perch by Debra Zelenak displayed at Second Street and Gillette Avenue
  8. Red Fox by Mike Dwyer displayed at Boxelder Road and Emerson Avenue

In addition to the Avenues of Art, the Mayor’s Art Council also oversees the Children’s Memorial Walkway project and the Annual Christmas Pin Design Contest.