Clean Coal Technologies Chooses Gillette

AES facility near Tulsa, Okla. before it was disassembled and relocated to Wyoming

AES facility near Tulsa, Okla. before it was disassembled and relocated to Wyoming.

(Gillette, Wyo.) Clean Coal Technologies announced Friday Gillette will be the permanent location for the company’s test facility. More specifically, the CCTI will be moving to the Fort Union Industrial Park northeast of Gillette off Garner Lake Road.

“Working alongside the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources and Gillette based Energy Capital Economic Development we’re confident this location provides all necessary logistical requirements including having the critically important pre-existing rail access,” stated Sean Mahoney, CCTI Press Officer. “Immediately upon the permits being granted and the facility being reassembled we expect to be receiving international coal for testing, which is a precondition of licensing the technology with some of our international clients.”

The Fort Union Industrial Park is made up over 400 acres of subdivided lots that are zoned heavy industrial (I-2). High capacity utilities are already in place, including a rail siding served by the BNSF Railway.

Clean Coal Technologies is a New York based company focused on resolving emissions issues with coal-fired power plants. The company calls the Fort Union site ideal due to its accessibility for domestic and international markets. The move could also provide an important revenue stream for Powder River Basin coal.

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The test facility was originally located at AES’s Shady Point coal-fired power plant in Oklahoma. It has since been disassembled in preparation for its move to Wyoming. Mahoney said although the company can’t set a specific opening date on the test facility, they plan to be operational “as soon as possible.”