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City Council Talks Liquor, Little to No Discussion

(Gillette, Wyo.) Liquor license and allowance discussions dominated the floor last night during the City Council’s regularly scheduled session.

The council voted to unanimously approve the renewal of liquor licenses for over 50 businesses, with no discussion or comment.

“Here in the City of Gillette, we do liquor license renewals once a year for all businesses engaged in the sale of alcohol or malt beverages in the City of Gillette,” said City Administrator Patrick Davidson.

All liquor license renewal applications had been submitted and approved by the Wyoming Liquor Division.

Despite Mayor Louise Carter-King officially opening a public hearing for residents to provide their thoughts on the renewal, no residents deigned to speak and the city received no protests.


Davidson said that last year the Wyoming Legislature fundamentally altered the state’s liquor laws.

Prior to the change, the city had been able to license specific liquor dispensing rooms within an establishment, from which minors were prohibited from entering.

Then, minors had been allowed to remain in the establishment until it closed. In some cases, that had been as late as 2 a.m.

With the alteration to the state’s liquor laws however, the entire building had become off limits to minors after a certain time, well before 2 a.m.

“[The change] made some issues with regard to dealing with bowling alleys, coffee businesses, [and] things like that,” said Davidson.

The city chose to amend chapter 3 of the city code, which now allows for minors to remain in certain establishments—wineries, microbreweries, and satellite wineries—until 2 a.m.

However, the city had put in a condition with the amendment that required the council to renew the measure on a regular basis, which was the matter placed before the council last night.

In response to the only inquiry on this renewal by Carter-King, Davidson stated the city had experienced no significant issues associated with the measure, which was then unanimously approved.

A different look

The council continued their liquor discussion with a request, from Las Margaritas, to swap out a restaurant liquor license for a bar and grill liquor license.

If the request was granted, then the matter would become a personal decision by the restaurant in regards to how they want to operate, said Davidson.

It appears that Las Margaritas is considering replacing a dining area within their establishment with a bar and grill type of setting.

The council voted unanimously to approve the restaurants request.

Davidson said that Las Margaritas has agreed to relinquish their current license in order to receive the bar and grill license.