County Gives City Deeds to Contested Parks

(Gillette, Wyo.) The Campbell County Commissioners voted today to sign over special warranty deeds to the City of Gillette for two parcels of land designated as parks in the Antelope Valley and Crestview Subdivisions.

Deputy County Attorney Carol Seeger said the action will help clarify any chain of title issues.

Commissioner Clark Kissack asked Seeger to clarify today’s action. She responded that by signing the special warranty deeds, Campbell County transfers any title, ownership and liability to the City of Gillette.

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When asked for comment on the county’s vote today, City of Gillette Communications Manager Geno Palazzari said the city will decline to comment until the item is passed by the City Council, which is scheduled for their Mar. 6 meeting.

Palazzari said the city and county staff have been working toward an agreement on the parks for a few months and the item the County passed today is a result of staff coming to an agreement on the language. According to Palazzari, city staff is recommending acceptance when the issue comes before the council.