City Recognizes Outstanding Officer

(Photo courtesy of the City of Gillette)

(Gillette, Wyo.) The city’s quarterly employee recognition award found a new home during last week’s city council meeting.

The P.R.I.D.E. Award—standing for productivity, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and enthusiasm—was passed on to Gillette Police Officer Julianne Witham on Tuesday, Feb. 6, for her outstanding commitment to the City of Gillette.

The award is a traveling plaque that will remain with Witham for the remainder of the quarter, said City Spokesperson Geno Palazzari.

As per the requirements for the award, Witham was nominated by her peers and was ultimately chosen based on her ability to exemplify the city’s core values, City Administrator Patrick Davidson said last week to the council.

“She’s a team player that never shies away from helping a coworker,” Davidson said. “She is proactive in her daily duties and consistently has a positive attitude.”

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Recently, Witham has had several large cases brought about by her attention to detail and her diligence. It would have been easy for her to pass these cases along to the detectives division after taking the initial reports.

“However, she chose to pursue the cases and follow leads that she uncovered,” Davidson continued. “Because of her diligence, several felonies have been solved.”

Councilman Billy Montgomery watches as Officer Witham is congratulated by Mayor Louise Carter-King (Photo courtesy of the City of Gillette)

Witham’s solved cases range from finding an individual who was stealing wire to uncovering a fraud case based out of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

In a follow-up interview, Witham said she did not know how many cases she has solved with the Gillette Police Department.

“I’m not sure how I can put a number on that,” she laughed.

Solving cases has been a good experience for her and is something that she enjoys doing.

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“I like the big complex cases,” Witham explained. “They’re like puzzles and you have to fit all the pieces together the right way.”

For Witham however, she takes things above and beyond simply solving cases.

Davidson informed the city council that Witham routinely comes in on her time off, ensures that her cases are in order, fills in for dispatch as needed, and has become a CPR instructor for the City of Gillette.

“Your demeanor throughout this year reflects highly upon your oath to serve and protect,” Davidson said to Witham.

Witham has been a police officer in Gillette since she relocated from Montana three years ago. She said that her wish to become an officer stemmed from her experience growing up, where she learned how to help people and to make bad situations better for them.

“And I thought that, if I can do that, make a bad situation better for them, then I would do so,” said Witham.