Eclipse Traffic Not a Problem for the Wyoming Game and Fish

h/t Wyoming Game and Fish Department

(Gillette, Wyo.) Despite the incredible amount of traffic that flocked to Wyoming for the 2017 Solar Eclipse and the inordinately high number of frequenters to Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) managed lands, the number of incidents were average, says Bud Stewart, communications specialist with the Sheridan regional office of the WGFD.

“There didn’t seem like there was any game and fish related violations above normal,” Stewart said, though he was sure the departments wardens made a few contacts with those boating on the areas waterways during the eclipse.

A low number of law enforcement incidents were reported by the WGFD with the department issuing 60 citations and 99 warnings mostly related to boating safety violations, fishing violations, and auquatic invasive species (AIS) noncompliance incidents.

“Just the normal stuff we see over the weekend,” said Stewart. “It seemed that everyone behaved and everybody had a great time.”

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With over 200 personnel working statewide to keep the massive influx of people safe on state operated waterways, the WGFD worked extremely hard to make sure visitors enjoyed their time spent exploring Wyoming.

“Throughout the state we talked with thousands of visitors who had a great time in Wyoming and recreated on Game and Fish lands,” said Mike Choma, game and fish law enforcement supervisor, in press release. The department was glad visitors enjoyed the eclipse and took the time to learn more about how the WGFD operates.

Stewart mentioned that while incidents were few and far between, the Sheridan region still sent personnel to support those areas where there was a higher amount of traffic.

“We sent some people to different areas and stepped up enforcement on a lot of the waters, especially in our big wildlife management areas,” Stewart said.

The department assisted federal, state, county, and local agencies as well as patrolling wilderness areas.