State and District Level High School Assessment Results Released

(Gillette, Wyo.) The Wyoming Department of Education released Wednesday the statewide results for the ACT assessment for grade 11, as well as the ACT Aspire assessment for grades nine through 10, and Campbell County students performed well.

The ACT Aspire scores for ninth and 10th graders this year showed an increase over last year in English and math. Ninth grade scores also showed a slight increase in reading, whereas 10th graders scored significantly better in science compared to last year.

Campbell County’s ninth and 10th grade scores are all below the state recorded average for the ACT aspire assessment in all areas aside from one, where ninth grade students showed a high proficiency in mathematics. Still, Campbell County students have managed to keep their scores no more than one point away from the state averages in addition to showing an overall improvement within the district over last year.

Those 11th grade Campbell County students who undertook the full ACT assessment, designed to depict college readiness, recorded an overall composite score well above last year’s score. However, individual scoring in the areas of English, math, reading and science were slightly lower than the previous years.

Additionally, when comparing the district scores to the state, Campbell County recorded scores below the state average ACT scores in all areas.

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Campbell County students in grade 11 took the full ACT earlier this last spring and students in the grades nine and 10 took the ACT Aspire Assessment online. Wyoming schools had the option to offer the ACT online this year, which is the first that option has been made available to Wyoming students.

In 2014, the Wyoming Department of Education established new performance levels for the ACT assessment, representing a higher set of expectation for Wyoming students.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Wyoming students will take the Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress, or WY-TOPP, which is a newly designed test to assess proficiency in mathematics and reading for students in third grade through 10th grade.

WY-TOPP will also assess science proficiency in students in the grades four, eight, and 10. The new assessment will also test the writing capabilities of students in the grades three, five, seven, and nine.

“We have the privilege of offering the ACT to every student and will continue to do so as we add WY-TOPP to our assessment system,” said State Superintendent Jillian Balow. ”This is not the time to be complacent. At the state level we will continue to focus on every measure for student success and support schools helping students succeed in school and in life.”