City Defeats County in Charity Softball Game Last Night

(Gillette, Wyo.) Last night, July 25, Personal Frontiers, Inc. hosted their 2nd annual City of Gillette versus Campbell County fundraising softball game.

Anthony Campese, one of the Energy City Voices at Gillette College and lead singer of local band The Unknown Knowns, accompanied the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard ceremony by singing the nation’s anthem as they presented the colors.

Last year’s first annual Fundraiser Softball Game was a victory for the City of Gillette, leaving The County to brew some sturdy rivalries for the last 12 months.

The City of Gillette took the lead from the first inning and, by the third inning, had a 4-point lead over Campbell County. At the end of the 3rd, the scoreboard read 9-5, City.

A gent observing the game from the right side audience section filled the role as designated heckler, encouraging all County team members, and giving the City team as much ‘heck’ as possible. Throughout the game, various City and County proponents approached each other in good humor, displaying companionship between the two teams regardless.

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In the 5th inning, Campbell County kept their defense on point, stopping all of the City’s attempts to score.

In the midst of the game, the scoreboard had technical issues with displaying the game-play clock incorrectly, or not at all. Time-keeping was left to Geno Palazzari, City of Gillette’s communications manager, and game announcer. There were only a couple handfuls of “Geno-jokes” dished out by County fans and players alike regarding his alleged bias towards the City of Gillette team (I.E. “Is that in game time or Geno-time?”). Palazzari took the joking gracefully, and in good humor, which enhanced the lightheartedness of the event overall.

Chris Hunter (a.k.a. Homerun Hunter) #4 for the City of Gillette hit a homerun in the 8th inning. County Commissioner Matt Avery bunted a ball off of his 2nd pitch leaving the City scrambling to retrieve the ball. In his sprint to first base, Avery stumbled and fell, suffering an unfortunate hamstring injury. Everyone clapped and cheered unanimously as City and County alike carried him off the field.

The City of Gillette kept the lead through the course of the game and ended up winning the game 16-9.

The fundraiser softball game was sponsored by Cloud Peak, Western Rig Services LLC, Glass Flooring, Finkey Law LLC, ProMAAC Systems, Inc., Pat’s Hallmark, Rocky Mountain Recovery Systems, Inc., Go-Fund-Me Account, and The MC Family of Companies LLC.

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A handful of local businesses also contributed gift cards and baskets that were randomly awarded to several raffle ticket purchasers, following the 50/50 raffle pot.