Nephew Stabs Uncle With Screwdriver: Attempted 1st degree homicide

(Gillette, Wyo.) Yesterday morning, around 6:00 a.m., The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) responded to 4000 Nepstad Dr. after receiving a report of a stabbing.

According to an investigator with the CCSO, the victim, 54, was found to have been stabbed with a screw driver by his nephew.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Robert Singleton Jr., had reportedly shown up at the residence early yesterday morning angry with his uncle about some disagreement. Singleton allegedly attacked his uncle upon being admitted entry to the premises, and had stabbed the victim multiple times with a screwdriver found at the scene.

“He went over there to fight,” Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds told reporters. “And ended up stabbing him.”

According to responders, the victim sustained multiple stab wounds to his head, the most serious of which were the wounds on the right and left side of his head near the temples.

“He was stabbed in the head, on the right side, right behind the temple,” another investigator revealed, “and there was another wound on the left side.”

None of the injuries sustained by the victim were life threatening and, as stated by Reynolds, the victim had called the CCSO himself after which he had checked himself in to the ER. He was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Investigators informed reporters that a warrant for Singleton’s arrest had been drafted following the call from the victim and the suspect was subsequently apprehended by sheriff’s deputies last night around 8 p.m. without incident.

During his post-arrest interview, Singleton admitted to investigators that he had stabbed the victim.

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Singleton will be facing charges of felony aggravated assault/battery and, prosecutors suspect, attempted first degree homicide.

More information regarding this event will be released later this afternoon following Singleton’s arraignment.


Appearing before  Campbell County Circuit Judge Wendy Bartlett, Singleton chose to represent himself, although he was questioned on the fact that he has not received any legal training of any sorts.

“I really do need to see a psychologist” he stated firmly, advocating that he had been seeing doctors for a previously diagnosed mental illness that consisted of, in his own words, being “partially psychic.” The defendant appeared to have some difficulty coping with proceedings, which were carried out via video conference, as he was heard whispering to an individual off screen about his need to actually be in the courtroom for any future court appearances.

As the proceedings began to steer towards setting the bond for Singleton, a representative of the State of Wyoming requested that, given Singleton’s past record of failing to appear a couple years back, bond be set at $250,000 provided that the defendant have no further contact with the victim, identified as John Singleton, stay away from 4000 Nepstad Dr., and have no further acts of violence. Bartlett voiced her concerns about setting bond with a man such as Singleton, whether he was a danger to the public or whether he would actually return to court.

“I’m pretty sane typically,” Singleton assured, so long as he was not required to know every single message about his case. Singleton confided that he was, in fact, supposed to be taking medications for his condition.

“There was a lot of psychological manipulations coming from the victim,” Singleton explained in response to Bartlett’s inquiry about any further information she should know prior to setting bond.

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The only official charge levied against Robert Singleton Jr today was Aggravated Assault and, as this was a felony charge, he has the right to a preliminary hearing that is set to occur next week on July 12th. Bond was set at $250,000 on the conditions that he not threaten or commit any acts of violence, he not leave the state without court permission, and he have no contact directly or indirectly with John Singleton.

**More information to follow this evening after the affidavit is released.

Mugshot of Robert Singleton Jr.


Upon release of an affidavit concerning the case of Robert Singleton Jr., the motive behind the attack on Jonathan Singleton has been made clear. Robert reportedly attacked his uncle based on a belief that his uncle had previously raped his sister, and subsequently attempted to take his uncle’s life.

“He was going crazy,” Johnathan Singleton told investigators. “He was trying to kill me.”

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According to the report, Robert had gained entrance into the home of Jonathan, yelling wildly before he started to punch his uncle wildly at least half a dozen times. Robert had then picked up a screwdriver, which he used to stab his uncle in the temple, resulting in a large amount of blood loss on the part of Johnathan. After a brief struggle for control of the makeshift weapon, Johnathan succeeded in removing the screwdriver from his nephew’s grasp, who then proceeded to grasp a knife in an attempt to continue the attack. Once again, Johnathan managed to take the weapon from his enraged nephew, sustaining a few minor cuts to his hand as he did so, and run out the door.

First responders witnessed Johnathan Singleton walking from his residence, and according the their testimony he was “covered in blood from head to toe,” the majority of which was coming from a serious stab wound to the right side of his head. After giving his report to law enforcement officers, Johnathan proceeded to take himself to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was released later that same day.

Robert Singleton Jr. fled the scene and was witnessed heading towards Highway 59. He was arrested later that same day by the CCSO.