Known Criminal Strangles GF: GPD Files As a Felony

(Gillette, Wyo.) Officers responded early Sunday evening to a report of domestic violence occurring on South Garner Lake Road. 28 year-old William Lewis was taken into custody after reportedly punching and strangling his 26-year-old girlfriend. According to responders, the woman sustained injuries in the form of broken blood vessels and bruising around her throat. Lewis is charged with felony strangulation of a household member and domestic battery.

William Lewis, was previously charged in 2008 for Battery of a Household Member and again in 2014 for causing bodily injury to a Peace Officer. Since 2006, Lewis’ criminal record includes multiple charges of possession of controlled substances, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, larceny, interfering with a peace officer, failure to appear in court, and being a minor in possession.