Wyoming Highway Patrol Releases 2016 Performance Report

Wyoming Highway Patrol
Wyoming Highway Patrol

(Wyoming) In February, Wyoming Highway Patrol put together a report of the department’s accomplishments in 2016. The report card includes not only achievements for troopers, but dispatchers and port of entry officers as well.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the stats:

  • 24939 calls for service
  • 213268 dispatch calls taken
  • 107 dispatch calls for Safe2Tell
  • 1,364,365 trucks inspected at ports of entry
  • 42,436 citations for speeding
  • 1336 commercial vehicles found unsafe to operate
  • 5343 citations for not wearing a seatbelt
  • 972 dui arrests
  • 1704 felony drug arrests

On Wyoming roads last year, there were 112 fatalities, down from previous years. Out of those 112:

  • 30% involved drunk or impaired driving
  • 49% were not wearing a seat belt

There were 6629 vehicle crashes investigated in total.

“I believe that a significant contributing factor [in reduced crash fatalities] is due to the hard work and concentrated effort of our Troopers, Dispatchers and POE Officers all working together towards a safer Wyoming,” said Wyoming Highway Patrol Colonel Kebin Haller.