Gillette Celebrates 25 Years of Tree City USA Membership

(Gillette, Wyo.) The theme is “Gillette Digs Trees,” on Friday, April 28th was Arbor Day and to celebrate 25 trees were going to be planted for the Arbor Day celebration. The weather didn’t cooperate that week with all the snow, and the event was postponed for a week later on May 5th.

In 1976, the Arbor Day Foundation began sponsoring the Tree City USA program in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters. Tree City USA is a nationwide movement that helps communities to manage and expand their public tree population. Tree City USA has more than 3,400 cities across the nation that have joined the program. Wyoming has 41 cities that are involved with the program with Gillette being one of them.

“We had the chemistry class students from the Campbell County High School, Master Gardeners, Parks Board, City Council, Mayor, Parks and Recreation, and City of Gillette Forestry Division all came out and planed 25 trees in honor of the 25th year of Tree City USA,” said the City Arborist, Wendy Clements.

Sierra Glenn Park was picked because a lot of the trees had died off and had been removed. The park is next to the interstate; trees were planted along the back fence to buffer the noise from the traffic. There also was flowering trees planted at the front of the park for the residents to enjoy.

You can check out the live video of the proclamation reading and photos from the event on the City of Gillette’s Facebook page.