Highway Patrol Seizes Sixteen Pounds of Meth in I-80 Initiative


Photo: A 160 pound marijuana seizure on April 11th near Green River, Wyoming, h/t WHP

(Wyoming) The Ohio State Highway Patrol began an initiative this spring which included all highway patrol agencies in states along I-80. Wyoming Highway Patrol K-9 teams were instructed to look for the possibility of human trafficking or drug trafficking while conducting traffic stops from Cheyenne to Evanston.

During the week of April 10th, troopers made many arrests, 21 of them felony drug charges. They estimate that 16 pounds of methamphetamine and nearly 250 pounds of marijuana were seized during the traffic stops. One missing boy was found, and two sex offenders in violation of their registry were caught.

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Troopers also seized other controlled substances such as oxycodone, and recovered a stolen vehicle, stolen handgun, and $200 in cash. Organizers state that the nationwide effort netted 56 felony drug arrests, and four other stolen cars recovered. In total there were 3615 traffic stops along I-80, from New Jersey to California, during this week. There were also no fatal crashes anywhere along I-80 during this time.