Social Media Helps Close an Investigation

(Gillette, Wyo.) According to Gillette Police Department, on Tuesday, Facebook was an effective tool for the Gillette Crime Stoppers. GPD has started a new process for the Crime Stoppers tip line.

The City of Gillette (Government) Facebook page posted four images with the Online Reporting Tool link, of a group of females who were suspected of credit card fraud. The post was removed about an hour later.  There were about 10 to 15 calls within that hour with information on who the women in the photos were. The information led investigators to find the individual using the fraudulent credit card.

Sgt. Jason Marcus stated, “The victim knew the person involved and didn’t want to pursue charges.”

People have three options to report information on crimes now. Individuals can still call the Crime Stoppers hotline or text the number 307-228-4276 to report information. The Online Reporting Tool that was linked on the Crime Stoppers post on the City’s Facebook page, will take you to the Crime Stopper Survey/Form page on the City of Gillette website.

A person using the hotline or the website has the choice to remain anonymous, but will not be eligible for the reward if the information leads to an arrest.