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CAM-PLEX Meets with County Commissioners for National High School Finals Rodeo

(Gillette, Wyo.) County Commissioners meeting had items on the agenda for the National High School Finals Rodeo. The NHSFR will be in town, July 13th through the 22nd with events starting on July 16th.

Approved by the County Commissioners was the CAM-PLEX requests of lowering the speed limit on Garner Lake Road. The temporary speed limit will be reduced from 45 MPH to 35 MPH. Commissioners all agreed with the CAM-PLEX that lowering the speed limit during the NHSFR will be much safer to travel because of the unusual heavy traffic from the event and the regular day to day traffic. The speed limit will be reduced on Garner Lake Road from Highway 51 to Boxelder Road and also on Boxelder Road from Garner Lake Road to Fox Park Road.

Commissioners wholly embraced allowing county employees to volunteer for events at the NHSFR. Chairman Rusty Bell stated, “I think it’s a good thing, I know that it is extremely hard to find volunteers especially the second year.” The county will allow volunteers 4 hours of paid leave to encourage regular full time employees to volunteer at least an equal number of hours at the NHSFR with approval by the department head or elected official.

The Commissioners approved to consider donating the tipping fee services after the event depending on the actual cost of the landfill fees.