World War II Day for Campbell County Sixth Graders

(Gillette, Wyo.) For the past 13 years, the Campbell County Rockpile Museum has hosted “A Day in History” in Camplex Energy Hall. In the past, the Rockpile Museum has done “Civil War Day,” with reenactors.

“Everybody in the 6th grade is invited, even home school is invited. Sometimes, I don’t think they get the message. Especially, if they are new to this area or they are not part of a home school association,” said Robert Henning, the Director of the museum.

This year was the start of a new era, “World War II Day.” The School District and Rockpile Museum’s main focus for this year’s program was to bring in local history with it. They had a total of 8 stations with volunteers to explain different war experiences to the students.

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Everything from how soldiers learn to stand, trying on the 40 pound rucksacks the troops would use, and how they rationed food, was demonstrated. All the artifacts from the stations were a mix of the Museum’s and local families.

The change to World War II Day is an opportunity for local students to talk with veterans and other Campbell County residents who lived through the war, and are still able to bring that history to the sixth graders in person. Recently seven hundred sixth graders were able to connect with a local vet via live stream for a discussion about what it was like to serve in the Aleutian Islands during the war.

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